Association of IBRAD

Association with Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change

IBRAD is associated with Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change Government of India since 1992 and have carried out numerous projects namely IFS Compulsory training for the Senior Officials since 1992, Evaluation of FDAs in Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Bihar and Tamil Nadu sponsored by NAEB, Assessment of Functioning of JFMCs in the country and coordinated countries biggest programme on awareness, action and networking for NRM – MANTRA in the year 2000 – 2001 and 2003 onwards.

Association with Ministry of Human Resources Development

IBRADs association with Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India in the year 2004 was for assessment of the NRM courses in India.

Association with Ministry of Water Resources

Creating awareness and action for fresh water conservation under the programme Jaltarang, sponsored by Ministry of Water Resources, Government of India in the year 2003-2004.

Association with Directorate of Horticulture and Farm Forestry, Chhattisgarh

IBRAD has been associated with Directorate of Horticulture and Farm Forestry, Chhattisgarh for carrying out Impact Assessment study of RKVY and NHM in the state and also engaged in training program for the farmers, PRI, NGO members and Officials from the year 2009.

Association with State Forest Departments

  • Facilitating the process of implementation of Karnataka Sustainable Forest Management and Bio Diversity Conservation Project in six districts of Karnataka through formation of VFCs, resource assessment, preparation and implementation of microplans in 200 VFCs since 2005 sponsored by JBIC.
  • IBRAD has been associated with the Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Chattisgarh and Tripura Forest Departments since 2002 for Training of the DFO, ACF/SDO, Range Officers, Beat Officers/Section Officers, Forest Guards under FDA program.
  • IBRAD Conducted training for the forest officials and staff on JFPM of Kullu and Mandi Circle, Himachal Pradesh Forest Department in the year 1993-1995 and for the senior state forest officials of Himachal Pradesh in 2001, 2002 and 2004.

Association with Consumer Affairs Department, Government of West Bengal

IBRAD also got associated with Consumer Affairs Department, Government of West Bengal sponsored by Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Government of India in the year 2004-2005 for Participatory Organizational Development.

Association with Ford foundation

IBRAD has been associated with Ford foundation from 1989. The ford foundation Grant carried for the next 13 years that followed

1985 – 1990

During the early stages of its formation, IBRAD was engaged with different research field work in the field of forest protection, sustainable forest management, joint forest management socio economic survey of the people living in forest fringe villages etc in different parts of the country.

In 1988, IBRAD carried out a research on village protection committees in West Bengal to gather information on the different communities and their initiative on the area of village protection and development. In this time IBRAD along with Ford Foundation launched a workshop named as "Anubhav" which aimed at implementing innovative health and family planning Programmes in India. in 1990 it steped into the microplanning for Development of Women Association from certain villages of West Bengal. A panel workshop was conducted in 10990 with Ford Foundation on “NGOs and JFM : Emerging Experience ".

1991 - 1995

By this time IBRAD was involved in organizing workshop, seminar of national and international level on JFM planning , Participatory forest management was carried on these time. Besides, in 1992, IBRAD was invited for the participation on the 40th Anniversary of Ford Foundation and   for the discussion on “Perspectives on India’s Development in the 1990's”. In this time, field work conducted on ecological and socio economic issues of FPC by IBRAD team. In 1994 IBRAD in association with Ford Foundation organized RECOFT & FTPP conducted a trainers' workshop.
IBRAD conducted an International workshop along with Ford Foundation on JFM in  Dec 1994 in Thailand to provide the knowledge and skill required for effective progress in the field of Joint Forest Management.”

In 1995, IBRAD provided training at Administrative Training Institute in ‘Participatory Rural Development’ with special emphasis on Sustainable Development through Human Resource Management and Development, including the management of Human values in order to build up a sound value system in the individual change agent empowering them to carry on functioning effectively in the face of adverse circumstances.

1996 - 2000

In 1996, IBRAD organized a national Seminar on Participatory Eco-Development: Prospects and Problems in association with Vidyasagar University, Midnapur. In the year 1997 IBRAD conducted various Training, Workshops and seminars like Institutionalization of Agro climatic Regional Planning (ACRP) in Barua, Keshpur and Keshiary for Integrated Micro planning. IBRAD has been assigned by the government of West Bengal to develop a model in the district of Midnapur for Agro Climatic Regional Planning which is to be given emphasis in the ensuring Ninth Five Year Plan by the Government of India. The essence of Agro climatic Regional Planning is planning for conservation and management of natural resources in the integrated manner with the involvement of local people.

IBRAD conducted one day meeting /Workshop to provide Training on "Social Skills" at Khurda Forest Division where Divisional Forest Officer, Khurda along with one assistant conservator of forest (ACF), Range officer and section officer were the participants.besides in this year IBRAD conducted workshop on PRA at Tantigeria Gram Panchayat for the Panchayat and chief Coordinators of (Ishwar Chandra Jana Chetana Kendra) Literacy Centre, Training for Range officers and Beat officers as well as the forest guards at Bankura North Forest Division, training on social skills at Panchet Soil Conservation Division at Bishnupur for Forest Guard

In the same year IBRAD was invited by Xavier Institute of Management to attend a workshop on Empowering Women through Enterprise.

IBRAD had received varied International collaboration in the year of 1997 which are as follows

  • IBRAD was invited by FTPP to share training experiences with other Asian countries like Vietnam, China, Indonesia, and Nepal.
  • European Centers like University of Wales, UK (Where 13 countries participated) invited IBRAD to participate in their conferences
  • University of Amsterdam, Nether land has invited IBRAD to share its JRM experiences
  • Euro consult of Nether lands which is a funding agency  collaborated closely on certain issues like North Bengal Terai Development Project for participatory  irrigation management.

In 2001,Ford Foundation invited  IBRAD to participate in a video project with forestry program support in India; titled 'Grant-Talk: India cases’

2001 - 2007

Ford Foundation in 2002 gave an exit grant of 8 lakh $. It was an endowment. 4 lakh was grant for meeting expenses between 2002-2007and another 4 lakh as endowment to be kept as fixed deposit to be used for expenses. It was the biggest grant Ford Foundation had made in India in that year.
IBRAD was engaged in capacity building training of the forest officials and the JFM committee members under NAP FDA in Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Tripura and Chhattisgarh. During this year ,series of training programmes were conducted for the forest officials and the VSS committee members in Adilabad Circle, Andhra Pradesh under CFM programme. IBRAD was also engaged for Sustainability of JFM Programme under JBIC project activities in Bangalore Circle and Gulbarga Circle in Karnataka.
In 2006 IBRAD was involved in Assessment of the Effectiveness and Functioning of the JFMCs in India, Action Research on Socio Ecological Processes in India, Research study on Participatory Vegetation Monitoring, Action Research on Assessment of Human Development with intervention in one pilot block and Municipality in Bankura District, Development and Planning Department, Government of West Bengal, Action research with intervention in World Food Programme (WFP), Rajasthan

IBRAD has been assigned by the nodal officer special SGSY project for impact assessment of the project in Dhamtari district of Chattisgarh during2005-07. IBRAD has been assigned as the Human Resource Development Agency to develop capacity of the project personnel, panchayat functionaries and community members on participatory watershed planning under World Bank funded Mid Himalayan Watershed Development Project on a pilot basis in Daro Deoria Gram Panchayat, Solan.

Association with KFD

 IBRAD was associated with KFD since 1997. In 1997, IBRAD trained senior and middle level officers of forest department in participatory management skills under Karnataka’s eastern plain. In the next year, IBRAD provide training on ‘peoples participation in forestry’ to the high officials like Range officers, Asst conservator of forest, Deputy conservator of forest and on ‘systematic organizational development’ to state forest officials of Karnataka as it as required by the chief Conservator of Forest. IBRAD conduct a seminar on ‘assessing and enhancing productivity under Joint Forest management’ in Belgaum for the forest department officials. in 2001, IBRAD to conduct training on ‘interpersonal relation, communication and team building for effective management’. IBRAD conducted training on ‘Participatory organizational development’ for the field officials of Karnataka. IBRAD has been assigned by NAEB, MoEF, GOI to assess the Joint Forest Management programme at the national level.

IBRAD in Health

From its creation, IBRAD was involved in various health related issues.IBRAD launched the immunization camp on in 1987 at Bagherghol village in the district of South 24 Parganas .

There had been a close professional relationship of IBRAD with Family Planning Association of India during the year 1992 to 1995. In the year 1992 FPAI invited IBRAD to invite you for the inauguration of a seminar on Population Growth & Natural Resources for Tomorrow as the part of observance of Earth Day.
In the same year FPAI requested IBRAD to join the rally to create an awareness of the “Banner Signature Programme” as a part of observance of world population Day.

IBRAD organized a workshop on Community Participation and Involvement of Non-Govt Organization in connection with the preparation of a proposal for Integrated Health Project for Calcutta Metropolitan Area.

 In the year 1993 FPAI congratulated Prof.S.B.Roy for his help and support to organize the programme on 20th and 21st April 1993 for the observance of Earth Day As a part of the follow up programme of the Earth Day, Tree Planting Programme was organized by Right Track, Friends of the trees, Calcutta

In the year 1995 IBRAD conducted an orientation programfor the occasion of World Environment Day on tree plantation and maintaining harmony in the social environment

IBRAD and compulsory IFS training

IBRAD was involved with compulsory training of IFS cadre since 1991. IBRAD provided its professional expertise in conducting such training in various issues like “Participatory forest Management and gender issue”,“Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA)” ‘Gender Role in Forestry’ and many more issues. Last year, two IFS trainings have been conducted by IBRAD.

Association with FAO

FTPP invited IBRAD to attend   a Working Group meeting on  “Expert consultation on Farmer to Farmer Adaptive Agro-forestry Research “  held in Philippines in October 1992 . In 1994 Chiang Mai University invited IBRAD an expert consultation on Developing Curriculum for Agro forestry and community Forest in Asia and the pacific in collaboration with APAN, RFD, FTPP, and RECOFTC. RECOFT invited IBRAD to attend various training programs through out the year 1999 to 2000 on various topics like,Conflict resolution in Forestry Management”   ‘Community Based Tourism for Conservation and development’ “Managing Conflict in Community Based Forestry” , “Community Forestry Extension” “Participatory Processes Tools and Techniques in Community Forestry” , “Participatory Action Research for Community Based Natural Resource Management”

Associations with Aracadis Euro consult

IBRAD took part in the implementation of the North Bengal Terai Development Project. IRPP (Victoria University, Manchester, U.K.) appreciated the activities of IBRAD and wished to have their help with their valued and well depth experiences in farmers’ participation management in irrigation.
In November, 1995 a workshop on People’s Participation in Irrigation was held by IBRAD at the PSU office in Jalpaiguri .IBRAD got the opportunity to carry out a five day course on Management of Change jointly with Vinod Gupta School of Management (VGSM), IIT, Kharagpur, India aided by Euroconsult for senior level engineers, agricultural officers and few policy makers to learn the necessity to change as per the requirement of the people and resources in the first week of February, 1996. A workshop on ‘Participatory Irrigation Management with Participatory Rural Appraisal and Gender’ has been held in December, 1997 at Jalpaiguri, involving Asst. Engineers, Sub-Asst. Engineers, Supervisors, Sr. Mechanics, Mechanics and a few OCMs as participants. This workshop aimed at enriching the participants with the tools and techniques of PRA to develop PIM with reflections on gender analysis.In 2000, IBRAD organized a two-day seminar at Siliguri involving 25 senior level officials, engaged in policy formation, implementation, networking with other departments both from state and district level to share the experiences, opportunities and constraints from NBTDP to make the project more methodical and systematic. In 2001, at Jalpaiguri IBRAD facilitated to form a women’s committee in the village. The beneficiary committee consisted of 23 members and the Executive committee of 7 members. Women’s committee arranged committee fund and under the guidance of IBRAD, they opened bank account within March for the fund. In the same year IBRAD also conducted a meeting at  Municipal Corporation of Siliguri with an agenda to improve the quality of the municipal services like roads, drains, dumping ground rivers etc.

Association with WIDD

In 2001, IBRAD received an assignment by the Water Investigation and Development Department (WIDD), CAD Branch, Government of West Bengal, for facilitating the process of Participatory Irrigation Management (PIM) in Teesta, DVC and Kangsabati CADA. IBRAD played an important role in facilitating the process of preparation of the MoU between the WUA, WIDD and Irrigation and Waterways Department clarifying roles and responsibility.
IBRAD also had been requested to facilitate the process of registration of WUA [Water Users’ Association] under the Society Registration Act as per the guidelines of the Government of India on PIM.

IBRAD in association with DFID for Forestry programs

IBRAD conducted a training programme assigned by ODA, for Himachal Pradesh Forest Department officers for JPFM. The training aimed at enabling them to utilize basic diagnostic tools for problem identification and finding option for solving the problems, understanding inter-personal relationships, developing methodologies for carrying out JPFM, equipping them with social skills, communication skills. It was a twelve month program at Kullu and Mandi circle.
Courses conducted by IBRAD in Nepal and India for the Nepalese Forest Rangers working for the Nepal-UK community Forestry Project, Nepalese foresters were very pleased with training they received from IBRAD. British Deputy High Commission British Council Division also appreciated the attempts made by IBRAD in this regard.
In 2001, TCS [Tata Consultancy Services] got a contract from DFID & Govt. of India to conduct the training needs assessment of Indian Forest Service Officers.
Another DFID funded program in association with IBRAD was Training of Trainers (TOT) program for Himachal Pradesh Forest Department.

IBRAD in association with DFID in Health Care programs:

Professor S.B. Roy has been identified as consultant for WBSHD Project and for WBRCH Project based on his technical competency and necessary skills on ‘Management of Change’ program to work in West Bengal which is part of work on co-operative Technical Assistance for India, in accordance with the agreement between Government of India, and DFID British High Commission, U.K.
Reproductive Child Health (RCH) of West Bengal project sponsored by DFID had been implemented by IBRAD in three districts – Malda, Uttardinajpur and Dakshin Dinajpur.

In Uttar Dinajpur District in West Bengal a Management of Change, WBRCH program was successfully organized by IBRAD with fund support from DFID and impact of such work had been recognized at National level. In addition to that IBRAD had been requested by the district magistrate to extend similar services in North 24 Parganas, Bankura.

IBRAD and Urban development Projects

After acquiring immense experience in the rural development and forestry sectors, IBRAD stepped into the urban development sector. IBRAD was involved in the capacity building programme of the conservancy staff, both sweeper and officials of the Siliguri Municipal Corporation. In 2008, another assignment was given to IBRAD by Kolkata Urban Services for the Poor. The project was to improve quality of the conservancy services and capacity building of the staff. Besides, In recent years, IBRAD was involved in cooperative sector of west Bengal. IBRAD also invol in a DPR preparation for the Integrated Co-operative Development Project (ICDP) funded by National Cooperative Development Corporation, New Delhi. Aiming at development of vertical and horizontal functional linkage among Co-operatives of district Howrah according to the need of local communities in effective manner. Another project of urban forestry assigned by urban and recreational forestry division of the Forest Directorate, Government of West Bengal.  Assignment was to monitoring and evaluation of trees planted during Kolkata Greening Programme – 2006-07, 2007-08 & 2008-09”.