Ecosystem services Initiative

OpenNESS(Operationalisation of Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services ):

IBRAD is engaged in the project Operationalisation of Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services (OpenNESS) as one of the consortium members. The project is funded by the European Union and has stated from December 2012. IBRAD is developing a case study through its action research inputs on how cashcrops driving land use changes in forest mosaic landscapes.

The study is conducted keeping in mind the following:

  1. Examine the process of effectiveness of community institution which favours Natural Capital (NC) conservation to improve Ecosystem Services (ES): Studiesare beingconductedin different agro climatic zones, in Bankura, Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh to test the tools of developing and involving the community institutions that favours NC conservation to improve ES. The community institutions are being involved in participatory monitoring of NC and ES in their respective areas for operationalization of the tools.
  2. Examine the effectiveness of Public Policy and Governance system which supports NC conservation and improved ES
  3. Network developed for participatory criteria and indicators for sustainable biodiversity and ES conservation:Refining the frame IBRAD along with the foresters and community members are carrying out experiments of participatory monitoring of forest resources in different agro climatic zones in 10 locations to develop techniques of better forest management by optimum utilization of resources.Community members are involved to develop participatory criteria and indicators for monitoring the foest resources based on the scientific principles of sustainable biodiversity consevation, Improve ES and Well being.
  4. Testing the methods of sustainable harvesting practices of NC: Based on the results of participatory monitoring, community members are identifying the Rare, Endangered, Extinct and Threatened species available in their area and through capacity building of the community institutions, like the Joint Forest Management Committee (JFMC)/Eco Development Committee (EDC) as an institution, are developing plan of action for non destructive and controlled harvesting practices of the biodiversity.

Village volunteers conducting Participatory Vegetation Monitoring :