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Collaboration with Foreign Universities and Institutes


Signing of MoU

An Agreement was signed on 19th January, 2015 between The University of Milano-Bicocca(Piazzadell'AteneoNuovo 1- 20126 Milano, Italy) and IBRAD, (PrafullaKanan,VIP Road, Kestopur,Kolkata- 700101) to implement a scientific and academiccooperation programme of mutual interest between the two Institutions and to strengthen it by means of exchanging professors, researchers, as well as students and other staff. The agreement shall remain in effect for five years.

Signing of MoU


Winter School 2016- Interculture Education for the Students of University of Milan Bicocca

A programmewas arranged on the evening of 13th January 2015 at IBRAD campus which was attended by 14 Italian students representing the University of Milan Bicocca and three Faculty members. The group of 14 Italian students was led by Professor MariangelaGiusti, Education Department, University of Milan Bicocca, Professor UrmilaChakraborty, Professor of languages and Cultural Mediation, State University of Milan and Associate Professor Stefano,CaldirolaState University of Bergamo. It was a varied group representing different departments from Anthropology to Psychology.

Professor S. B. Roy, Chairman IBRAD and Dr. Raktima Mukhopadhyay, Executive Director, IBRAD took session on Participatory Biodiversity Conservation in the context of climate change. It was followed by a workshop on Kathak dance.


Workshop with Nicholas Clifford Workshop on "Challenges in Developing Methodology for Understanding Environment issue in the context of Climate Change"

A half day Workshop has been organized in IBRAD Campus on 3rd April 2015. The topic of discussion for the workshop was "Challenges in Developing Methodology for Understanding Environment issue in the context of Climate Change" and the key speaker was Professor Nicholas Clifford, Head of the department of Geography, Kings College. Around 15 participants from various Institutes and Universities took part in the workshop along with the staffs of IBRAD.


Workshop on Women Empowerment and Logical Framework

A workshop on women empowerment and how to set a logical framework for a project was conducted by Dr. Patrick Kilby of Australian National University at IBRAD Office Kolkata on 6th February, 2016 for the project staff of IBRAD.