Foreign Collaboration

IBRAD as a consortium member along with 34 institutions from Europe, South America and Africa is part of implementation of a project, OpenNESS (Opeationalisation of Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services). IBRAD is the only institute from Asia. IBRAD is preparing case study through action research on how cash crop is driving land use changes in the forest mosaic landscape.

Three winter schools for the students of the University are being held at IBRAD in 2015, 2016 and 2017

IBRAD has signed an MOU with theUniversity of Milano-Bicocca (Piazzadell' Ateneo Nuovo 1- 20126 Milano, Italy) to implement a scientific and academic cooperation programme of mutual interest between the two Institutions and to strengthen it by means of exchanging professors, researchers, as well as students and other staff. The agreement shall remain in effect for five years with effect from 19th January 2015.

IBRAD has also completed a study on Feminisation of Agriculture in Bankura and South Dinajpur District in collaboration with Australian National University. The objective of the study was to assess how male migration in the rural areas is causing feminisation of agriculture.