Initiation of the Distance Learning Course under program SANCALP

A two day's training workshop on the objectives, concept, and approaches of Natural Resource Management for sustainable livelihood was held in Kolkata on 9th and 10th September, 2011 for the Community Leaders under program SANCALP. In total 38 community leaders and field level staff of the Forest Department participated from nine states across the country. The training workshop was organized for initiating Distance Learning Centre in those areas for the aspiring Natural Resource Managers who want to develop as professional/ para Natural Resource Manager. During the workshop at Kolkata, details of requirement and pre-requisite of the aspiring potential Natural Resource Manager was discussed. IBRAD with the help of Forest Department will set up the study centre where the participating students with minimum class X educ ation will register through prescribed registration form and fee of Rs 100 per month. The fee will be a mark of token contribution from the students to the study centers for its maintenance. A minimum 10 students will be needed to begin with.

IBRAD will be sending course material every month through e-mail and courier. IBRAD will help the participants to identify some of the topic of the live project where the participating students in consultation with Forest Department/ field staff will assign location and nature of project such as: 1) Biodiversity conservation 2) Microplanning, etc. Each student either individually or in group will identify the location to work every month at the project site to demonstrate how they are learning month wise through the skills they have learned at the study centre.

The demonstration of the learning skill will be in the form of:

  • Communication and promotional skill: Preparation of communication/ IEC material such as drawing/ posters/ leaflets/ power point/ street play, etc.
  • Skills to motivate the individual to form the group (SHG/JFMC/ WU)
  • Social skills for group management and self growth