Training Programs:

The institute is assigned to conduct training programs for various  national level  institutes  like Indira Gandhi  National Forest Academy for IFS probationers, LBSNA  for IAS probationers, Andhra Pradesh Forest Academy,  Administrative Training Institute, State Forest Service  College, Coimbatore, Tata institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business  Management, Kolkata, Administrative Training Institute, Kolkata etc to name a few.

It is the first Institute in the Country to begin courses on Participatory Forest Management for IFS officers. IBRAD was involved with compulsory training of IFS cadre since 1992. IBRAD is organizing such trainings in each year on various issues related to forest management like, Joint Forest Management, Microplanning, Gender issues, Sustainability of JFM, Participatory Rural Appraisal, JFM and Human Development, etc. IBRAD has received consistently high rating during evaluation by the participants.

IBRAD also organized training on Community Management Health System and Micro Water Management for Government officials and Community members.

IBRAD is also engaged in organising training for the officials and practitioners of different countries like Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand, China on issues related to Participatory natural Resource  Management/Forest Management.