Agribusiness and Rural Development Management Course

Client: Department of Agricultural Marketing, West Bengal

Time period: Six Months

To prepare young, dynamic farmers as entrepreneurs to improve the yield and productivity of both agriculture and horticulture products, to have a holistic growth, Department of Agricultural Marketing, Government of West Bengal has assigned Indian Institute of Bio Social Research and Development (IBRAD) to conduct a six months residential certificate course on Agribusiness and Rural Development Management . For the first batch, students are selected from backward class farmersí families (SC and ST) from Bankura district of Jangalmahal area. The course was started from the 23rd October, 2013 and will continue for six months, at the end of January, 2014. IBRAD has developed interactive module for the students of Agri Business and Rural Development Management. The module is developed keeping in mind the holistic growth for the students. Students are exposed not only with the subject matters related to agriculture and allied; rather they are also given inputs in management and self development issues. Till completion of three months the students has shown positive changes in their attitude and skills. They proactively engage in enterprise development by identifying local resource and observing their enthusiasm Agricultural marketing Department has distributed Agri products processing machines to the students. Now students are planning to develop enterprise by Organic manure preparation, agroforestry, food processing, pisciculture, sericulture etc. Some students are working to develop their career as agriculture extension worker.