Violate and inviolate forest area survey

Client: Madancoal South Coal Compamy Limited

Time period: 2 months

The study of Violate and Inviolate area in Madanpur South Coal Block, District Korba, Chhattisgarh is to be conducted according to the guidelines given by MoEF. Total area is divided into 1km 1 km grid which is further sub divided into four sub grids. Each sub grid corresponds to 25 ha. Each sub grid of the forest land is enumerated. Species diversity index, and IVI is evaluated. Data compilation and data analysis is completed. This will help out in determining Biological Richness Index. Apart from forest survey, wildlife inventory have to be done. To assess the forest cover, landscape integrity and hydrological value, further forest cover maps of FSI, WL map of WII and biological richness data from IIRS to be procured and used to complete the valuation of the area to meet with the decision whether the area is Inviolate or violate.


  • Total area is divided into 1km 1 km grid.
  • Study of the forest area under six headings like forest type, fprest cover, wild life value and grading each grid on scale of 100.
  • If the aggregate of the score of the total area is less than 70 then the forest area is violate or else inviolate.