Facilitation for preparation of People’s Biodiversity Register (PBR)

IBRAD is assigned to facilitate preparation of 10 PBRs covering Gram Sevak Circles (GSU) in the State of Meghalaya.

The PBR is a vital document which records the existence of bio- resources, their use and the associated traditional knowledge available in an area. The PBR is expected to serve as a tool to prevent bio- piracy, provide a basis for access and benefit sharing and serve as a guide in conservation planning and action at the ground level. The PBR shall record various components of biodiversity found under various ecosystems in an area, traditional crop and animal varieties, their status, their uses, associated traditional knowledge, manner of existing access, etc. The PBR has to be prepared in a scientific way, in collaboration with the local people, with their inputs. The PBR so prepared will be subsequently endorsed and owned by the people through the respective BMC’s. As per the latest decision of the Meghalaya Biodiversity Board, the PBRs will be prepared in Meghalaya covering the Gram Sevak Circle Units (GSUs).