SANCALP - Community Leaders Network




Sustainable Action & Network through Community Leaders' Program

Based on IBRAD's 25 years experience of working with community members in different parts of the country the felt need has been generated to identify such leaders with strong commitment and leadership quality and to create a platform for them where they can share their experiences and ideas that will not only give them confidence but also create a synergic effect to bring positive changes.

The realization has inspired members of IBRAD members to conceptualise and design the program SANCALP (Sustainable Action and Network through Community Leaders Program) to promote Natural Resource Management (NRM) based sustainable livelihood by strengthening and developing community leaders through a web of national network as part of it's Silver Jubilee Year Celebration Program. The program was inaugurated on 5th June, 2009 on World Environment Day at IBRAD campus.

The vision of SANCALP is to recognize and develop community leaders to create a world of sustainable development.


  • Identification and recognition of community leaders involved in Natural Resource Management (NRM).
  • Documentation of outstanding accomplishments made in the field of NRM based sustainable livelihood.
  • Documentation of the constraints and challenges faced by the individual and community for the sustainable livelihood and documenting the learning.
  • Training need assessment and capacity building at the community level for NRM based sustainable livelihood.
  • Providing a forum for advocacy for appropriate issue based policies to resolve conflict related to conservation vs. development.

Criteria for selection of Community Leaders

  • Involved in NRM based activities voluntarily and not as against wages.
  • Organized community members/villagers in taking up natural resource conservation and natural resource based activities like soil-moisture conservation, Watershed development, pisiculture, vermicomposting etc.
  • Recognized by his/her committee members as their leader.
  • Worked in coordination/collaboration with government departments/institutions. 
  • Brought verifiable changes in checking natural resource degradation and its improvement.
  • Prepared to organize workshop for the local community people and take active role in motivating and involving people in natural resource management based sustainable livelihood program.
  • Prepared to be part of a network and share their experiences and learnings from time to time to other network members.

SANCALP Upcoming event:

At the end of the Seventh National Convention of SANCALP held from 19th - 21st February 2016 at IBRAD campus the theme for the yearlong activities has been finalized as "Integrated Tribal Development and Sustainable Livelihood Development in the context of climate change". Members are identifying the landscape for initiating biodiversity conservation and livelihood development activities.

Expected outcome from SANCALP National Convention:

  • Strengthening of the existing network
  • Establishment of new chapters
  • Convergence of NRM sectors
  • Cross visit
  • Sharing of case studies