Sustainable Agriculture/ Horticulture

One of the major breakthroughs has been the Green Revolution, which coincided with unprecedented crop and vegetable production in the country. The import of food grains was reduced one-fourth thus saving a lot of money for the country. Agriculture is fundamental for sustenance of an economy as is food for a human being. It is envisaged that efforts in building the human resource, through a structured and certifiable system shall bring in significant change in the growth of the Agriculture /horticulture sector.

The opportunity and challenges in rural development for rural managers lies in developing strategy and managing sustainable agricultural and horticultural production. IBRAD’s experience in conducting training for farmers under NBTDP and RKVY, NHM will add value to the course. IBRAD has designed human resource development training for agriculture/horticulture sector and tried successful implementation of the Skill through RKVY and NHM projects at Chhattisgarh.  IBRAD has also developed competency based curricula and multi-media training modules, designing and implementing the testing and certification mechanism. It can also facilitate in creating a value added ICT enabled system.