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Climate change

People need to stop looking at climate change like some future problem and something that will happen in far future because climate change is really happening now, and there's very little time left for us to decide about this burning issue. Global warming has become synonym for climate change because of its role in climate change as excessive emission of harmful greenhouse gases into atmosphere caused increase in average temperature that affected climate on Earth. Higher temperatures cause a higher rate of evaporation and more droughts in some areas of the world.

The main threat to India lies in agriculture, sea level rise leading to submergence of coastal areas and increased frequency of extreme events like floods, drought, cyclones, snowfall, etc. Each of these pose serious threats to India. Relevant studies suggest that a one metre rise in sea level would displace over 7 million people in the coastal areas of India. Three of the world’s major cities – Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai – must contemplate this risk. Over 60 million people living in low-lying areas along the country’s vast coastline may experience difficulties as aquifers become degraded by saline intrusion.
IBRAD through Community Leaders Network under program SANCALP is working on identification of climate change related issues in different agro-climatic regions across the country. IBRAD is working relentlessly with the active support and participation of the community people. IBRAD is emphasizing on some of the vital areas like energy conservation, promotion of renewable energy resources, afforerstation and wasteland development and awareness campaigns and training workshop involving community people. IBRAD had conducted number of workshops on Microclimate change to develop a clear cut strategy, methodology and road map for successful implementation in the field.