Theme Areas




Effective management and governance of natural resources and eco-systems require a multi-level and multi-disciplinary approach. The passage of the necessary legal reforms and policy of environment identifying and pinpointing responsibility and accountability in the management of the resources only will not help in effective management and governance of natural resources. Eco governance establishes a systematic, rational and scientific framework for local decision-making and resource allocation by applying the principles of resource accounting and valuation, resource planning, database management, benchmarking and benefits monitoring and evaluation. It helps in ensuring the eco-responsibility of certain individuals and organizations to obtain ecological sustainable prosperity. Forest Governance in the context of FRA also plays a pivotal role. Forest Right Act gives the opportunity to recognize forest dwellers' rights and makes conservation more accountable. This act is a potential tool in empowering and strengthening the local self governance. Vitality of the act lies in addressing the livelihood security of the people which leads to poverty alleviation. This Act is crucial to the rights of millions of tribal and other forest dwellers in different parts of our country as it provides for the restitution of deprived forest rights across India, including both individual rights to cultivated land in forestland and community rights over common property resources.