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NTFP Assessment

Non-Timber Forest Products play a important role in sustaining rural communities, particularly those living close to forest areas.  NTFPs include a wide variety of forest products, such as resins, mushrooms, bamboo, medicinal plants, wild fruits and vegetables, as well as firewood and wildlife.  NTFPs not only serve as a safety net in times of food shortage, but also as a valuable source of household materials and income.  Despite the high dependence on NTFPs among forest users, there are still many barriers inhibiting the generation of greater benefits from these resources. Such barriers include issues of tenure security, lack of processing skills and limited market access. Positive changes have been brought upon the natural forest resource base and it’s utilization for generating sustainable livelihood through simple techno-interventions.

IBRAD survey of major NTFPs available in the forest areas are done at FPC level following the standard ecological methods like quadrate method, transact method etc. IBRAD is carrying out NTFP study work in the forests of South West Bengal with two main dimensions of classification of the FPCs and assessment of NTFPs and the Marketing opportunities.