Theme Areas


Sustainable livelihood

Everyone has a purpose in life and a unique talent to create something new. And when we blend this unique talent with resources and experience it leads to which is the ultimate goal of all goals. ‘Livelihood’ deals with people, their resources and what they do with these. Livelihoods essentially revolve around resources (such as land, crops, seed, labor, knowledge, cattle, money, social relationships, and so on), but these resources cannot be disconnected from the issues and problems of access and changing political, economic and socio-cultural circumstances. Livelihoods are about creating and embracing new opportunities. A livelihood is sustainable when it helps an individual to cope with and fight from external stresses and shocks, and enhance its capabilities and assets now and in the future. It not only helps in earning money but also paves a pathway to healthy and dignified way of living. Some of the major issues related to livelihood generation are the availability of raw market and availability of appropriate market for the products but unfortunately these are missing in context of India. IBRAD is involved in capacity building of the community people for generation of livelihood through proper utilization of natural capitals like Land and produce, Water & aquatic resources, trees and forest products across all the agro-climatic regions of the country. Through IBRADs support the community people are coming up with Livelihood Development Plan