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Watershed Management

A watershed is a logical unit for planning optimal development of its soil, water and biomass. A natural unit of land, which collects water and drains through a common point by a system of drains. IBRAD has carried out work on watershed management plan in the high altitudinal areas of Himachal Pradesh. The assignment was to sensitize the community & panchayat functionaries on scarcity of natural resources and the need to enhance productivity of the natural resources. To facilitate the process of prepared watershed development plan/ microplans at the GP level by involving the community members, organized training for community conservation of natural resources & livelihood enhancement through Watershed Development, Participatory Rural Appraisal, Micro-Planning and Area Planning.  IBRAD is also carrying out study on watershed and land improvement works done on the forest lands and contiguous non forest land and its impact on the productivity of agriculture, animal husbandry, fisheries, and other primary sectors land based activities and is also working to know about the importance of watershed in augmentation in the income of the people as well as its impact on the forest and wild life of the area.