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SAARC Consultative Workshop on "Role of Forests in the Ecosystem Services Provision''

On the 28 and 29 December 2010 at IBRAD Campus, Kolkata

Each member of SAARC Country have recognised the urgency of improving Ecosystem Services  and   have taken some initiative  in their own country ( ref . country presentation).. Now all of them realize that the understanding of  the complexity of the Ecosystem , beyond the political boundary,  in a holistic manner is  imperative before they go to frame  any policy or technical device. This workshop provided a forum to  learn & share their views, situation, challenges, opportunity  and area of cooperation among SAARC members. This workshop also provided opportunity to develop plan of action to improve the Ecosystem Services through management of Forest Mosaic Landscape


The objective of the SAARC countries in general are:

to promote the welfare of the peoples of SOUTH ASIA and to improve their quality of life.

to promote and strengthen collective self-reliance among the countries of SOUTH ASIA.

to promote active collaboration and mutual assistance in the economic, social, cultural, technical and scientific fields.


In view of the above a Consultative Workshop on "Role of Forests in the Ecosystem Services Provision" was held at IBRAD campus Kolkata on 28th and 29th December 2010 in collaboration with the West Bengal Forest Department to review the role of forest ecosystem services. Mr. AjayLal, Secretery General of SAARC briefed about the Objectives ofthe Workshop is bring together the best professionals related to the issue on a platform and thereby fostering a collective working. Mr.Wangchuk, Director of SARRC Forestry focused on GNH (Gross National Happiness ) , Indicators of happiness . Mr.Raha ,PCCF,WBFD addressed on Forest Ecosystem Services and Goods, Conservation of wildlife like red panda and tigers.


Country Presentation was made by:

Bangladesh focused on Initiatives to combat climate change, Social Forestry and Green Accounting.

Bhutan presented their views on Payment against ecosystem services Guidelines for water accounting and Proposal for Revision of Forest Policy

India stressed on the role of institution for forest ecosystem and Management of environmental income for poverty reduction.

Nepal gave their views on Trade off Ecosystem goods & services,Policy and legal reforms also on REDD and REDD+ readiness plan interim strategy.

Srilanka shared the Significant contribution of Home gardens and low dependence on forest.


Presentations by the Experts - Resource Persons:

Mr Jasjit Singh Walia the Addl.PCCF, HP, focused on Mountain Eco-system Services provision---role of forests

Dr S.B Roy Made presentation on the Monitoring Criteria of Ecosystem Structure and Functions -to assess the continuity of Ecosystem Services.

Dr Sanjay Kumar addressed about Costal Ecosystem Services and Management

Dr Ajay Kumar Lal presented the views on Valuing Eco System Services of the Forests : A Bottom up, Inter-sectoral Approach

Dr Rajiv Pandey focused on Economic Value of Livestock Feed from Forest: A case study of Uttarakhand State, India


Recommendation of the workshop as addressed by the group:

Exchange of cross country , multi discipline knowledge; and setting the tone for collective mutually beneficial Actions

Flagging of Qualitative and Quantitative interrelationship and correlation between forests and environmental services. Country wise understanding of present Scenario.

Sharing of experiences available with the participants through networking.

Development of Framework for harmonized designing and methodologies related to ecosystem services

Deliberations on success stories and Case Studies with focus on where we are and where we ought to go for Ecosystem services